Vintage Revival

PEPPER POT PLACE  was born out of the love for fine furniture, design, architecture, fabulous food, wine, music and art.


Through the extensive (and ongoing) renovation of a mid century home we reaffirmed our love of good quality furnishings and all things vintage. In this world of prefab everything it's hard to find pieces with character that reflect you, your personality and your surroundings. 


We have always been "Hunters" and "Scouters" for unique pieces, right back to before it was even cool or the thing to do to help save Mother Earth.


We are a  two brother and sister tag team who are  passionate and gifted in our own special ways. We rescue and revive once loved solid pieces that have lost their charm. Our passion is to HAND LOVE every single piece the old fashioned way with beautiful colors of paint and then distress and wax them all by hand.  This creative process reflects and radiates the love and attention given to each piece in our Collection.

Therefore no two pieces are ever alike. We also like to add a little element of surprise in our pieces. Don't be surprised if you open a vintage white armoire to find its interior the most beautiful color of duck egg blue. 




Mary's house.

Mary's house.

Our "Hunts" have taken us thru many a barn, estate sales, auctions and flea markets thru out Ontario and as far away as Long Island New York.

We also love chairs as they have so much personality and we are then able to go beyond the hand painted  portion of making our pieces unique. We love stripes and paisleys, linens, bold plaids and velvets for our upholstery.

The combination of the worn painted look and vibrant fabric are truly unique. A Hand Loved chair from PEPPER POT PLACE can be the conversation piece in  a foyer, office, hallway or bedroom.

 Feel the Difference !


Meet the P's in the Pot!!!


Mary & Judd            Anita & Lorne

Every room needs
a touch of black.
Just as it needs at least
one antique piece.
— Jan Showers House Beautiful

Christie Antique Show May 24th, 2014.

Christie Antique Show May 24th, 2014.